SculptICE Facial Class in Academy

SculptICE® Facial Class:
ICE, Metal & Wood Therapy

Value: $1,162.98

Take advantage of this SculptICE® + Wood + Metal therapy technique class.

This class includes:

Facial ICE, Metal & Wood Therapy Class

Lifetime access and constant updates, this high-quality pre-recorded video class enriches your knowledge and earning potential by combining 3 of the best facial sculpting techniques for your clients. Differentiate yourself from the competition!

[Value: $259 USD]

6 SculptICE Facial Sticks

Choose any of the 6 different Sculptice facial sticks we have available: Sensitive, Moisturizing, Anti-Acne, Charcoal, Lifting, CBD.

[Value: $149 USD]

2 Facial Oils

We have 5 different Facial oils for different skin types. Mature Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin. Which ones will be best for your clients?

[Value: $49.98 USD]

1 Set of Color Facial Metal Tools (3pz)

With these tools you will be able to sculpt your clients face and offer a complete facial service. This set Includes: Facial mushroom, Mini contouring table, Mini Swiss cup.

[Value: $105 USD]

Monthly Group Sessions of this class

In these group sessions, you will have access to continuous learning and chance to solve any doubts you might have.

SculptICE Facial Marketing Resources

You will be able to access our exclusive virtual library with photographic and video resources that will help you tell the world about the new services you offer.

[Value: $50 USD]

Marketing Resources for your Business

You will also find more material that will help you facilitate the sale and publications of your services on social networks. Quotes, benefits, active ingredients & templates.

[Value: $50 USD]

Print & Digital Certificate

Upon successful completion of your course, you will have your digital certificate available immediately. We will also send your printed certificate in your next order.

Print & Digital Booklet of this class with Protocols

This resource will help you review what you have learned during class and will be a great ally when you offer your services. We will also send you a printed copy in your next order.

[Value: $50 USD]

Exclusive Bonuses

New Master Business Class: "How to improve your business and set yourself apart"

Do you want to learn the secrets of how to differentiate your company and services from the competition and have a successful business?

This class is specifically designed to achieve this objective and includes materials with practical exercises that will lead you to rethink the foundations of your business.

[Value: $200 USD]

2 Online Sessions 1:1 with our CEO Ania Botero

Of course we are not satisfied with giving you all the necessary information in a course with lifetime access and constant updates! So, our CEO wants to also help you first-hand to increase your income by offering treatments to sculpt your clients face. In these exclusive sessions, you can solve any doubts about facial services directly with Ania Botero.

[Regular Price: $300 USD]

Learn the best non invasive therapies to sculpt your client’s face in just one class and increase your income💸.


Course Presentation

Introduction to Face Sculpting

SculptICE® Facials

How To Sculpt?

Wood Therapy Steps

Metal Therapy Steps

Questions & Answers

Breast Wood Therapy

Hands On: Wood Therapy

Hands On: Metal Therapy

Facial Metal Therapy Tools by SculptICE


The online wood and metal facial class was awesome. I enjoyed my first class, wood therapy, with Ania I decided to purchase the facial class. Ania is a great instructor she gives very detailed instructions on the theory and protocols of ice facial. I can’t wait to use what I learned in my business. Thanks Ania and much success.


I love this class I did learn a lot the theory of ice facial is very Informative. A lot of information and I love that the support during and after the class is offer.


Another amazing class down in the books for me! I am so happy with all the knowledge and training gained from Ania I will be completing all her classes by the end of the month!

My clients and I love love love her product, huge difference from the other 2 products I have used in the past. I will be exclusively stocking sculptice, quality over quantity.

Sabrina Zubia

The theory class and demonstration was very informative. You can’t tell it was given online. We had the option to ask questions at any time and will also have our actual class available for review online afterwards. Ania you are great and I wish you many more successful years!

LaToya Holt

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Meet The Founder
Ania Botero

Ania Botero is the Founder and Creator of SculptICE®.

Ania Botero, wanting to study English as a second language, left Mexico and moved to the United States in 2005 where she attended Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

A former member of her high school dance team, Ania always had an athletic and slim physique, but after moving to the United States and discovering fast food and other unhealthy treats, her weight increased dramatically.

More than just the “freshman fifteen” that new college students sometimes experience, Ania gained a dramatic 45 pounds in just a matter of months!

Knowing she had to make some immediate changes, she decided to adopt healthier eating habits and make smarter food choices.

With time, discipline, and lots of hard work, she was able to lose much of the weight that she had put on.

She was discouraged, however, when she found that she was left with loose skin, cellulite, and a redistribution of fat in her thighs, arms, and belly area.

She tried everything on the market; including various diet and detox plans, cleanses, herbal infusions, metabolism pills, various workout routines, etc., but saw no real success.

Ania was then introduced to a unique body sculpting product used by “Sobadoras” (aka-massage gurus of Mexico) that she swears not only changed her body, but her life.

Amazed by the dramatic results she saw in just a matter of days, and with only a few applications, she knew she stumbled upon something special.

Returning to the United States, she searched for similar treatments and products in hopes of continuing the success she had experienced, but no one had heard of “ice therapy” before, or offered anything like it.

Ania was determined to learn more about this life changing treatment and proceeded to spend years studying the process, ingredients, and various formulas.

Fascinated by how it worked and what made it effective, she made it her mission to develop a product that was made with the best ingredients available on the market.

She studied the active compounds of dozens of herbs and essential oils, and practiced the many specific techniques and applications that made it effective.

Ania then combined all of her research and experience to create a groundbreaking, effective body sculpting product that offered immediate results.

The elimination of unwanted fat, body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, and the promotion of weight loss, are just a few of the benefits of this treatment.

Her creation would be called, SculptICE®