SculptICE® Specialist Class: Body ICE & Metal Therapy (English)

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Revolutionize the services of your business. These are some of the benefits to your clients:

  • Immediate result
  • Firm and reduce cellulite
  • Breakdown stubborn adipose
  • Define waistline and buttocks
  • Tone, Sculpt and Drain thru lymphatic system

It can help anyone to improve skin texture and naturally lose weight in a safe non-invasive way.

Notice: Once you have passed your exam and received your SculptICE® Certificate, please follow the next few steps.

These are KEY STEPS in order to have the proper access to our shop as part of SculptICE®.

  1. Go to our main website and create a separate account.
  2. Contact our Coordinator Karina at 385 881 7848 via phone call or text message providing her with the username you created on there, your full name, and email address.
  3. Our Coordinator will then review your information and access your account for your role to be changed. Your role Must be changed by her or you will not have the proper access to products.

Thank you and good luck!