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SculptICE® Specialist Class: Body ICE & Metal Therapy

SculptICE Metal Therapy

Are you a Spa Owner, Esthetician or Massage Therapist?
Do you give body treatments?

SculptICE® Specialist Class with body metal therapy will revolutionize the services of your business.
These are some of the benefits to your clients:

  • Immediate results
  • Tighten and reduce cellulite
  • Breakdown stubborn adipose
  • Define waistline and buttocks
  • Tone, Sculpt and Drain the lymphatic system

It can help anyone improve skin texture and naturally lose weight in a safe non-invasive way.

Sign up and witness amazing Before and After results on your clients.

Ania Botero from SculptICE

Founder Ania Botero


What you’ll learn:


Learn how Metal Therapy and Ice Therapy works, for the best results.

The science behind SculptICE

Demonstration of SculptICE (ice therapy) technique and FAQ’s about it.

Do & Don'ts

Get to know the right way to sculpt your client’s body in a few sessions.


Protocols based on your clients goals.

What it includes?

  • Products:
    • 2 iceME Full body SculptICE®
  • Digital Booklet with protocols
  • Online Certificate
  • Consent Form
  • Marketing Material

Benefits of taking this class:


Metal tools not included. You can get them here.

Classes are non-refundable.

What our clients say about this class:

This was an awesome class! Ania explained everything in detail, took the time and answered all of our questions and demonstrated the protocol like it was an art form. I love the ease of scheduling the class. Daniela was so helpful registering me 30 minutes prior to start time and helped me place my first order, which I cannot wait to receive!!! I highly recommend taking this class!


Ania is amazing! Not only is she the pioneer of ice body sculpting, but she is so humble and eager to help her students. I was shocked when she called me personally to guarantee my classes while I was having technical difficulties. She offered me a free class for all the trouble, it so happens to land on my birthday, best gift ever!!! I would of loved to attend in person, but if you’re unable to as I online is perfect! You won’t be disappointed. This lady and her team are gems!

Sabrina Zubia

Lush Curves

This class was very educational, even though it was a online course you still receive all the material you need to utilize so that you can be successful with your business. Ania was Amazing answers all the questions you have and makes sure you fulling understand, her staff is amazing and very helpful and responsive which I love that they keep in communication with you. Class was very much worth it and I received my products before the class!


This class was time and money well spend and super informative. Ania is amazing and I learned a lot. I definitely recommend!

Yrian Montelongo

Loved everything about this class! it felt like you were there in person. Very informative and can’t wait to get started!

Jennifer Sotomayor

Amazing and Educational! Ania was great. She went over the theory of sculpting and ICE with plenty of chances to ask questions if any. Then she demonstrated the procedure with the products on a model and it was so good. This was a great class although it was virtually. You couldn’t tell. And the option to view our actual class online in case you missed something or needed to take extra notes was a great option as well. It was a pleasure to meet her and I look forward to another class. Keep up the good work!

LaToya Holt