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LIVE Zoom Facial ICE, Metal & Wood Therapy Class


Take advantage of this LIVE ZoomĀ SculptICEĀ® + Madero + Metal therapyĀ techniques class.

This class includes:

  1. 2 SculptICEĀ® Facial sticks
  2. 1 Facial Oil
  3. Class with founder Ania Boter
  4. Powerpoint file with theory and protocols
  5. Demonstration of ScuptICEĀ® + Wood +Ā Metal Therapy
  6. FAQā€™S about SculptICEĀ®
  7. Protocols based on clientā€™ goals
  8. SuggestedĀ protocols with SculptICEĀ®
  9. UNLIMITED RE-CAP video & Marketing Material
  10. Access to re-watch your class
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What youā€™ll learn:

  • Theory: Learn how to use Wood & Metal Therapy in the face area.
  • The science behind SculptICEĀ®: Demonstration of Wood and Metal Therapy techniques.
  • Do & Don'ts: Get to know the right way to sculpt your clientā€™s face in a few sessions.
  • Protocols: Suggested protocols with Facial Therapy.

What it includes?

  • 2 SculptICEĀ® Facial Sticks
  • 1 Facial Oil
  • Digital Booklet with protocols
  • Recap Videos
  • Theory class
  • Demo Class
  • Online Certificate

Benefits of taking this class:

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Tools not included, but you can get them here:

Classes are non-refundable.