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Facial ICE, Metal & Wood Therapy

SculptICE Facial

Take advantage of this 1 hour SculptICE® + Madero + Metal therapy techniques class.

This class includes:

  1. 2 SculptICE Facial sticks
  2. Class with founder Ania Boter
  3. Powerpoint file with theory and protocols
  4. Demonstration of ScuptICE® + Wood + Metal Therapy
  5. FAQ’S about SculptICE®
  6. Protocols based on client’ goals
  7. Suggested protocols with SculptICE®
  8. UNLIMITED RE-CAP video & Marketing Material
  9. Access to re-watch your class
Ania Botero from SculptICE

Founder Ania Botero


What you’ll learn:


Learn how to use Wood & Metal Therapy in the face area.

The science behind SculptICE

Demonstration of Wood and Metal Therapy techniques.

Do & Don'ts

Get to know the right way to sculpt your client’s face in a few sessions.


Suggested protocols with Facial Therapy.

What it includes?

  • 2 SculptICE® Facial Sticks
  • Digital Booklet with protocols
  • Recap Videos
  • Theory class
  • Demo Class
  • Online Certificate

Benefits of taking this class:

  • Shipping included within the USA area, use the coupon: registration
  • Special Prices on products
  • Other resources


Tools not included, but you can get them here:

Classes are non-refundable.

What our clients say about this class:

I love this class I did learn a lot the theory of ice facial is very Informative . A lot of information and I love that the support during and after the class is offer.


Another amazing class down in the books for me! I am so happy with all the knowledge and training gained from Ania I will be completing all her classes by the end of the month!

My clients and I love love love her product, huge difference from the other 2 products I have used in the past. I will be exclusively stocking sculptice, quality over quantity.

Sabrina Zubia

The online wood and metal facial class was awesome. I enjoyed my first class, wood therapy, with Ania I decided to purchase the facial class. Ania is a great instructor she gives very detailed instructions on the theory and protocols of ice facial. I can’t wait to use what I learned in my business. Thanks Ania and much success.


The theory class and demonstration was very informative. You can’t tell it was given online. We had the option to ask questions at any time and will also have our actual class available for review online afterwards. Ania you are great and I wish you many more successful years!

LaToya Holt